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About the Seaside Aquarium
When the aquarium was founded in 1937, the goal was mostly to
entertain the public. The dark interior was meant to create the feeling of
swimming through an underground cave at a time when respiration-
aided diving was virtually unknown.

In the past several years, the focus has shifted to education and community
involvement as well as entertainment. We have reached beyond the
walls of the building to participate in local events and projects
geared toward a better understanding and appreciation of the North
Coast marine environment.

In 1995 we became leaders in the regional Marine Mammal Stranding
Network. In the next few years we added an Interpretive Center and
helped start Seaside's W.E.B. Discovery Program. We have partnered
with local businesses, non-profit organizations, and the City of Seaside to
inform both the public and local communities about beach safety, tides
different coastal habitats, and the animals who live there.

Touch Tank

Open House Open House Benefit for Friends of Haystack Rock
On March 21 this year, the Seaside Aquarium held an open
house as a benefit for the Friends of Haystack Rock, a non-
profit organization dedicated to preserving Haystack Rock in
Cannon Beach and educating the public about tidepool life.
Approximately 500 people came to feed the seals, touch sea
stars, and enter raffles. The event raised $2500 for the
Friends of Haystack Rock who plan to purchase a new
interpretive trailer for the Haystack Rock Awareness Program
this year.

In addition, the Seaside Aquarium allowed the "Friends"to
raffle off the right to name our first baby seal of the season.
Terry and Judith Jones of Bend, Oregon won, naming the
seal born on June 5 Cecil (prononced Sea-sill).

Thanks to the Friends of Haystack Rock, the board, the
beach volunteers, and the Seaside Aquarium employees who
volunteered their time to make this event a success.

Seaside Aquarium Outreach
Throughout the year, the Seaside Aquarium attends a variety of local events to
provide the public opportunities to learn more about marine animals and their
habitats. This year we have attended the 2006 Children's Clean Water Festival,
Cannon Beach's Earth Day Celebration, and the Jetty Fishery/Bay Crab Derby
Benefit; we have also helped with 5th grade Outdoor School at Camp Kiwanilong.
Each event is different, but we like to provide animals for the public to touch,
crab molts, microscopes, and other fun items to examine. If you see us at an
event, stop by and say hello!

Photos by: Tiffany Boothe and Pam Bierly
Outreach Program





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