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The Beach is Their Home

Seal Resting Near Rocks
MMSN Volunteer

Because of the March - September birthing season, spring and summer are the most common times for harbor seal pup sightings on beaches. Mother seals MMSN Volunteer
leave pups on shore while they hunt for food. The mother can be gone up to twenty-four hours. Often, a mother will not approach her pup if humans are nearby. The pupís best chance of survival is to reunite with its mother.

Other marine mammals sometimes come ashore to rest or recover from an injury or trauma. It is important to keep a safe distance from these animals as they can transmit diseases to humans and pets and can move quickly, even when they appear initially lethargic.

If you find a pup or other marine mammal stranded on the beach, call the Seaside Aquarium at (503) 738-6211 so we can post signs to let others know to leave the animal alone.

Pregnancy? Dad, youíre up!

Fatherís duties for the bay pipefish (Sygnathus leptorhynchus) only last a few weeks, but they do involve some incredible body changes. Check out the photos below of these pregnant male pipefish!

Like his seahorse relative, a male pipefish carries his babies through gestation. Spawning occurs in late spring and summer. The female lays fertilized eggs into the maleís brood pouch; he then carries them for several weeks until they hatch. Large males can brood up to 900 young! When the babies are born, they are freeswimming and can survive independently.

Quick Facts about Pipefish:

  • Range: Southern California to Alaska

  • Size: From 2.5 to 33cm. Long and skinny!

  • Habitat: Lives in estuaries camouflaged among eel grasses. Can be incredibly difficult to see.

  • Diet:Eats tiny crustaceans (amphipods, copepods,decapod larvae) by sucking them up like a vacuum.

  • Unique qualities: Beyond their great shape, these fish are also crazy swimmers. They undulate their dorsal and pectoral fins to swim. Needless to say, they donít go very far or very fast.


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